Clinically proven

We have spared neither costs nor efforts to gain your confidence in contrast to the competition, which often pretends that it has the required medical studies available. The fact is that if you request these results, you will often not receive them or you might receive some general information about the effects of phytoestrogens. However, not all types of hops do have the right properties to stimulate mammary gland tissue. We have subjected our product to research to show that there are indeed healthy alternatives for increasing breast size or improving their looks and that expensive plastic surgery is not always the only option. The complete report is available.

- ERDIC Clinically proven by means of a placebo controlled study
Complete Study

- Published study about breast augmentation by the effect of phyto estrogen, in which ERDIC was used as study object in a placebo controlled and in vito study
Complete study

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Why erdic

  • 100% natural breast enhancement pills
  • the result of 20 years of research
  • clinically proven and absolutely safe