ERDIC natural breast enhancement tablets have been covered by national and international magazines, TV and newspapers.
Here is what some of them have written about Erdic!

Sunday Times
-They"ll grow on you-

Volunteer Jo Cross, undertook to swallow Erdic every day. Soon she got used to taking the tablets.
The news that nobody expected: the pills actually made her breasts both bigger and firmer!
" For weeks I yhought nothing was going to happen...  Then slowly, the began to to fill out and plump up..... it's unmistakalble  Erdic Works!
( source: Sunday Times )

Daily Mail
- Can you really give yourself a bigger bust whithout surgery ? -

The Daily mail challenged 4woman to undergo the bigger breast test over a three month period, each with a different treatment.
Lucy Marlow tested Erdic after her pregnancy. After only one week she noticed a change. After a few weeks her breasts became firmer and firmer and eventually they started to grow. She now has the same breast size as before her pregnancy.
( source : Daily Mail )

The Journal
- I've become a curvy woman, naturally -

After listening to the local radio station Sharon McColgan and Angie Cowan were chosen to trial run Erdic. After three weeks Sharon saw her breasts size improve, Angie says: "It took a while to work for me, but it did"
( source: The Journal )

News of the World
- Miracle pill makes boobs bigger -

Herbal remedy helps mum Jo grow to a 34 C

The Mirror
- One little pill gave us a whole new cleavage-

Health Zone decided to put Erdic to the test. They found two volunteers who were willing to take Erdic.
For the two volunteers, Erdic definitely made a difference. Kerry E. Went from a 34B to a 34C, Charlotte M. from 34B to a definitely 34B. Both women were pleased with the 'tablets' results.
( source: The Mirror )

Total Health Magazine ( USA )
- Natural Breast Enhancement ( by A.L Gitlleman )

" Although not a miracle pill for everybody, if taken correctly 85% of women over 18 will enjoy from moderate to dramatic results "
( source: Total Health Magazine )

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